Four Tips to Grow Your Personal Branding


There are a powerful asset and best advertising ever besides Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and any other advertising. Yes, it’s You! Why invest in personal branding will have lucrative bargaining position to us? Regardless, for personal or business inquires.  We all have our branding. Personal brand is a complete extension of who you are and what are you stand for.

Each of us having uniqueness, experiences, story, struggle that slightly different, that will be a benefit for us to tailor all of them to be our branding. Talking personal branding is always interesting. Sometimes, even most of us can’t recognize themself, and what branding they should be offering.

Your personal branding and value you have will bring you to beyond any advertising had. Social media is just a platform, the main player role is us. So, how to craft and find our branding. Personal branding is not building overnight, it takes time.

Why people nowadays change their way to promote by using Influencer/ Selebgram/ Youtuber or you named it. People want to see and feel the experiences as real as much we provide.

Therefore, personal branding also works this way. Be natural and genuine with proper crafting will bring the audience to reach us and they will sincerely as your loyal following.

The question is how to start? There are few tips to grow your personal branding

  1. What am I passionate about?

Asking this question to start, it will make easier for you to identify what suitable branding you will crafting. Identify you’re professional and unprofessional experienced. Blend it, create storytelling, your struggle, your experience that will be inspired.

  1. What am I good at?

 Focus your strength of advantage, write, public speaking, your knowledge, or anything that will bring the value to audience.

  1. What gives me credibility

What skill, training, award, success story, if you can’t find it. Try to join training, get a class to discuss, taking a course, go to the seminar, etc. Nowadays, it is easy for people labeling her/his self. But, labeling our self without adequate knowledge and experience will be dangerous. Don’t be someone that you are not.

  1. What goals are we achieving?

What value are you going to share, is it to enhance awareness, expand your network, lead your project, monetized your social media, open the opportunity.

When you can answer these questions, now you are ready to shape your personal branding. Remember, don’t be someone that you are not, there is no short cut to build your personal branding, be authentic and tailored it.

For the next article how to craft your personal branding. Share leave a comment and can’t wait to see your feedback.

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