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A lawyer by decisions, A Wanderlust by passion, A story teller by experienced, A prepentual learner.

Starting my first blog in 2009, I was inspired by Diana Rikasari (Still and forever). My first Interested in as a fashion blogger, but at that time its difficult to explore my sense of fashion and low self esteem discourage me so I only post everything in my mind like poem, blog for me is like a diary. Its not stop there, I have another barrier. Previously I have many blogs because I forgot my mail and paswords (Blame on meh) in hence  I didn’t post anything in my blog for long time.

Long short story, It was about few years ago I found like “My aha moment”, I met a writer in Jakarta when I lost my life directions after life teasing me.I just like digging my self from deep sea, then I decided to find “Right Circle” to keep motivate me and finally I found it, and I was thankfull for that. Blogger Community for me is not only a place but a home.

By the time, I explore my self by learning, listening, reading, traveling to enrich my knowledge and self fullfilment that There is a lot of love to share, a lot of useful information that I should to tell.

In this blog you can find another side of me, about my thought, point of view about from culture to nature, travel & leisure, fashion & make up,  social issues x environment, politics & media,  books & movies, self development to leadership, foods & lifestyles , Digital marketing and content. I wish you cand find useful things to learn from this blog.

Meanwhile my daily activity, I also like to join any events, Community gathering, Products Launching, Buzzer, and preparing social media content to enhance brand awareness. Besides, I’d love to open farther partnership and colloborations to


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