Merapikan kisah yang terekam (English Versions)

It was two days since my latest blog I wrote, and its not as usual as my  previous blog, today I decided using English for my blog ? why ? Because I wanted to get used to it using English and I am on my preparation for the next an english test, In my spare time I cogitate several things and many ideas were appear then well its time to execute them.

Well, lets we back to the point as my title above, arranging many stories recorded #15. Actually, I have two topics to write but for the beginning  I would to record about a story, a story could be change your little perspectives or another angle that I never know before. Thus, I would be happier if you send me some feedback to improve my skills 😀

I started about my daily routine, the exact time its today, As usual I went out to buy meat and vegetables or breakfast, there is some street vendors are not far from my home, I can reach it by walk or bike but most of the time I prefer ride my bike to get everything done shorter, Sometimes I have chit chat to seller and meet my neighbors, we greeting each other or just say hello and asking where are they going to. Its lovely!!!

Then, continuing my story. I stopped at my “Bukde Jamu” (jamu= herbal drink) and ordered my favorite jamu is tumeric mix to tamarind and the sweetener from brown sugar , in short way, we called “ Jamu kunyit asam” seriously, using English is much more spend vocabularies -.-“. But hey, its a process of learning, so can we back then?.

Okay, meanwhile I was waiting for my jamu being served, there is a woman she is a difabel, uhmm not sure am I right using this words to interpreted her appearance, she is about 50years old with eyes can not focus on one object then her left hand is can not open and hanging half to her body then her left feet looks like abnormal but she able to walk, talk and see people. I think she was sick before but I am not sure enough.

She talked to “Bukde Jamu” (Someone who sell the jamu) with Javanese language and of course I don’t have any idea what they talked about, I only gave my smile to them and she continued her words in Palembangnese language that I can understand well, So, she talked about her family, especially her husband who spoiled their children and not allowed their boys to do homework and when she was sick her husband did all domestics work and kept working outside, anytime she wants to sharing but no one could rely on.

she lives alone without her relatives around her, she stays in her husband’s family and she felt no one can understand her so she has no place to share her burdens, no longer after that my herbal drink done and I permit to them to back home but before I left she said sorry and apologized that she talked about her burdens I only replied its okay, don’t let our burdens kill us, we need someone to share at least someone that we can trust, I also asked apology because I have to get back home soon.

As soon as I reached home I remind that its not my first time someone that I have never known tried to open and sharing to me, from all these events, The most memorable moment was happened when I had been waited for my bike to be repaired and  there was someone sit close to me, we were waited for our bike and then  I started to talk  a small conversations and no longer after that surprisingly she talked a lot about her life, her loss husband, raising children and her sadness then she cried, I was a bit surprised and afraid that probably people could be have different guessing. Afterward I tried to give her some speech to make her feeling a bit better, I told to her that “Someone gone could not never back but life must goes on, I am sure you’re the great woman, the strong one and you can pass it all, keep positive vibes and do the best for your children, they need you and all your efforts will be paid someday”. After her bike done she said thank you and back home. From my experiences I would to say “ In life, we will find hardest things, perpetual  burdens, exhausted, emotional,  but how we can deal with its depend how we see the life itself , just say life is a gift, these things only how we reacted toward our problems, exhausted? Furious? Its a normal way but we can cope with many ways, for instance take a leap, relax and you might be need some to share, someone who can listening to you and understand your situations, but you might be need more selective about what stories could be share with and someone who can you trust because most of the time you fill find  out some people only want to know what was happen to you and if you  could not find a right person, your stories could spreading before you realized, as a consequence if you found someone that you can trust the most you must be really thankful for it because its not an easy things then for you the person who trusted by your friends/family/people don’t break their thrust to you”.

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