Cuitan 2016

I know I am a bit late to say Happy New Year, Did you guys had a fascinating NYE ? I wish all of us will be have great days along this year. Nowadays my mood turned fluctuated, Up and Down. There are many obstacles need to be solved, but something had crossed to my mind to remind me that I need to start a good habit or at least do something that makes me enjoyable for instance writing either poem or article, afterward I decided to make a new blog with English version. I realized I am not proficiency and fluent in English but I need to try and improve it. I spent long time to choose the name of my blog, I need a blog as information , education, and sharing place to each other, it is took been  long to  find a name finally I got a name, yes I got it. I entitled this blog with “The Purple Chamber”. Why the purple chamber ? Because this blog is provide a place to me and us for sharing, second It is spell good for me and I like purple colour. So, Why not to make it as one sentences. Okay guys, I will write later and I try to post one post each day 😀
Have good day 😀

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